Text files

Examples of text files

The following are all examples of text files (with their common file extensions):

type of text file file extension
plain text .txt
HTML .html
Python .py
Java source code .java
Markdown .md
Javascript .js
comma separated values .csv
numerical data .dat
JSON format data .json
SVG image .svg

The important thing is not that they contain text (words and sentences) but that they are encoded as text.

Remember that the file extension is just part of the filename: it does not automatically affect the format of its contents, so it is technically possible for a file ending in .txt to not be a text file. You can call your dog “cat”, but… it’s still a dog.

The following are all examples of files which are not text files (they are sometimes called binary files):

type of binary file file extension
Word document .doc, .docx
Zip archive .zip
PDF .pdf
Image .gif, .jpg, .png
Audio .mp4
Excel spreadsheet .xls